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An Award-Winning Hotel Management & Development Company

Our Pledge to Health and Hospitality

Dimension Development is dedicated to providing the highest standards of customer care and strives to exceed all safety standards within the brands we represent. Click here to read more...

A tradition of hospitality

In Louisiana, we use the term, "lagniappe" when talking about anything that involves "a little something extra"... "above and beyond"... "exceeding expectations". Isn't that what hospitality's all about? Delivering more than you promise to satisfy your guests? We think it is, and we believe it's also the fundamental principle upon which strong business relationships are forged.

Dimension has earned a reputation of success by sticking with a few, basic business philosophies:

  • Be affiliated with great brands!
  • Recruit and retain great people!
  • Continuously improve!

It's not complicated. Call it "the basics". But, we've built a winning tradition by:

  • Selecting winning development sites and capitalizing on well-timed acquisition opportunities.
  • Working with a winning combination of industry-leading lenders, architects, contractors, and vendor-partners.
  • Maintaining a geographically diversified portfolio of superior hotel product concepts in markets with upside growth potential.

Innkeeping with the times

And while our core values remain traditional, our operational systems and procedures are anything but "old school." We invest in state-of-the-art information technology systems. Dimension hotels maintain sophisticated sales and marketing databases linked to our home office server. Weekly forecasting modules provide our financial partners with timely performance data and projections. Plus, all hotel management associates are required to attend training/certification programs to support the level of professionalism and competence we demand of all Dimension management level associates.


Our mission

We believe we can deliver superior profits and investor returns by better satisfying our guests. We will, therefore, set aggressive goals and demand performance accountability from every Dimension associate. We will celebrate our successes. We will understand and learn from our shortcomings. We will measure everything we do and strive to improve anything that enhances guest satisfaction and contributes to the retention of great employees.

We believe there are limitless opportunities to improve the way we work together in attaining our goals. Therefore, we believe that productivity can be constantly improved through innovation and a team approach to problem-solving.

We want to win! We believe that teamwork and personal productivity are the twin pillars of organizational achievement, and that "winning" will enable Dimension to be the kind of company in which ambitious associates can prosper and grow, both personally and professionally.